Are you thinking about homeschooling?

Or just starting your homeschool journey?

Not sure where to begin, which curriculum to choose, or how to plan for the coming year?

Wondering if you can possibly teach your children everything they need to know?

In the Incredible "Thinking About Homeschooling" Bundle you'll learn:

✏️ the answers to the most common questions about homeschooling such as, "Is it legal?" and "How long will it take?"

✏️ the materials you need to have on hand to homeschool effectively (Spoiler Alert: Books — lots and lots of books!)

✏️ how to consider your family dynamics to choose curriculum that will work for you and your children — and it's not always the most expensive

✏️ the top 10 mistakes homeschoolers make, like comparing your homeschool to someone else's and being a lone wolf

✏️ how to plan out your year

You'll get a comprehensive Q&A ebook, a curriculum planning workbook, checklists, and planners to help you prepare for your homeschool adventure.

Thinking about homeschooling bundle

Planning ahead can help reduce the overwhelm and help you stay on track throughout the year.

This planner pack will help you determine what you want to teach and when you want to teach it. And the printable pages will help you stay on top of your goals throughout the year.

Hi there. I'm Shari.

When I first started homeschooling, I didn't know anyone else who was doing it and I didn't have the resources I needed. I just knew I wanted to be home with my children and I was excited about the possibilities.

In time, I joined a local community of like-minded families and met many beautiful, faith-filled women. With their advice, support, and friendship and a healthy dose of God's grace, my husband and I successfully educated our children at home.

Today, my homeschooling journey is near the end and I would love to be that guide for you.

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