Hi there!

I'm Shari Talbot,

a long-time homeschooling mama, a former teacher/special needs consultant, and a freelance content writer.

When I started homeschooling, I knew NOTHING about it. I didn't know exactly what to teach or how my kids would benefit. And I definitely didn't anticipate the challenges!

I just knew I wanted to spend as much time with my kiddos as possible when they were little — and 14 years later, I'm still here. With a strong network of support and seasoned homeschool veterans I could go to for advice and encouragement, I can absolutely say it's been a success. I'm so grateful for the opportunities we've had and the family bonds we've built.

My kids are almost grown now — and my homeschooling journey is coming to an end. But I'll always be a teacher!

That's where you come in! If you've got questions about the homeschooling journey — what it's like, what makes it amazing, and what to do when it get's tough — I'd love to be your guide.

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