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Are You Going to a Homeschool Conference This Year?

May 01, 20242 min read

What's your favourite thing about this time of year?

For many, it's the learning opportunities with interesting topics and relatable speakers.

Others love the opportunity to explore the exhibition hall, seeing what new curriculum and resources vendors have to offer.

Homeschool fairs offer so many opportunities to explore different learning styles and teaching methods so you can meet the unique needs of each one of your children.

This season can also be a great social time as you meet up with like-minded families.

The downside of homeschool conferences . . .

Here's the thing: Conferences can be completely overwhelming if you're not in the right frame of mind. It's so easy to think about the things you haven't been unable to accomplish or start comparing yourself to those that seem so put together.

Don't let yourself go down that path. Instead, think positively about the coming year and the time you get to spend with your children.

How to stay positive and productive at homeschool conferences

Here are 5 tips to stop you from getting bogged down and help you get the most of the next conference you attend:

1. Research and plan ahead

Take the time to check out the conference schedule, workshops, and exhibitors beforehand. Make a list of the workshops or sessions you want to attend and prioritize them based on your interests and needs.

2. Set realistic goals

Be clear about why you're attending the conference, whether it's to explore curriculum options, seek advice about homeschooling challenges, or network with other homeschooling families and stay focused on those priorities.

3. Prepare Questions

Homeschool conventions are a great places to find answers and get advice. Come prepared with a list of questions you'd like to ask workshop presenters, exhibitors, and other attendees. These could be questions about specific teaching methods, curriculum recommendations, or tips for managing homeschooling responsibilities.

4. Get Comfy

Classrooms and lecture halls are notoriously too hot or too cold, so dress in layers. Remember to pack essentials such as a notebook, pen, water bottle, snacks, and any materials you may need for note-taking or workshops.

5. Connect with others

As a homeschooler, it's easy to feel isolated. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to connect with other homeschooling parents. It's the perfect chance to share experiences, exchange ideas, and build or nurture your support network.

Homeschool conference are an excellent place to find (and offer) guidance and encouragement on your homeschool journey. When you prepare ahead of time, you'll be organized, stay productive, and have fun.

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